- Your intelligent bike light
The Velumo is the first intelligent tail light for bicycles because of its smart components. With those components, the Velumo solves a lot of problems that bike users are faced with daily. The Velumo will help finding your bike in full racks, it prevents theft by using a built-in alarm and much more.



Finding your bike at night or in a full bike rack has never been easier. Open the Velumo-app on your smartphone and click on the ‘finder’ button. The Velumo will attract your attention by flashing the lights in the colour of your choice.



If someone is trying to steal your bike, the movement detector in the Velumo will notice this. A sound alarm will scare off the thief. You will also be notified on your smartphone through a message.



If you can’t remember where you’ve placed your bike and you forgot to pin it on the map with the Velumo-app, you can track your bike by using the Internet of Things network, LoRaWAN.

Extra functions

Braking Light

The Velumo knows when you’re cycling and will turn on the tail light when it’s dark. When you have arrived at your location, you don’t have to turn off your light. The Velumo will automatically switch off, the moment you walk away from your bike.

From the moment you start braking, the Velumo tail light will light up to notify bikers behind you.


The LoRaWAN will also be used to send you all kinds of information from your bike. You can completely customize the behaviour of your Velumo with your smartphone over Bluetooth Smart. You can choose what happens in each of the different cases.

Velumo app

Each of these functions you can find and install on your Velumo- app as you prefer.

Velumo App